Cannes Brulees

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Cocoa Creppel and Cannes Brulees

Cannes Brulees (Burnt Cane) is a contemporary Native American musical group. Comprised of members of the Houma, Cherokee and Choctaw tribes, this group's music is a wonderful combination of rock 'n roll, aboriginal soul and good old New Orleans rhythm and blues! Fronted by August 'Cocoa' Creppel (vocals, percussion), and backed by Chris Young (guitar, vocals), Gene Bates (drums, vocals), Rick Tobey (guitar, vocals), and Roland Fangue (bass, vocals), Cannes Brulees combine their diverse musical influences into a glorious 'gumbo' that is as unique and authentic as the city they reside in, New Orleans. Their powerful vocals, heartfelt lyrics and sterling songwriting create a sound that is a one-of-a-kind expression, contemporary in feel, but steeped in the history, traditions and culture of the southeast. The ancestral homeland to so many tribes, the gulf south provides much of the inspiration for Cannes Brulees' music.

Burnt Cane Productions
2872 Virginia Lee Drive
Marrero, Louisiana

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