Cocoa Creppel and Cannes Brulees

Contemporary Southeastern Native American Music

'Cocoa' Creppel and Cannes Brulees are a contemporary southeastern Native American musical group! Thrilling audiences with their dynamic performances at festivals, Indian casinos and powwows across the country, this group's music is a wonderful combination of rock and roll, 'aboriginal soul' and good old New Orleans rhythm and blues! Gifted singer, musician and storyteller, 'Cocoa' Creppel blends his vocal talents and commanding stage presence with his road-tested back-up band, Cannes Brulees, and the result is simply staggering!

Combining their diverse musical influences into a glorious 'gumbo', their music is as unique and outrageous as the city they reside in, New Orleans! Cocoa's powerful vocals, along with stunning harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and sterling songwriting create a sound that is a one-of-a-kind expression, con-temporary in feel, but steeped in the stories, history, traditions and culture of the southeast!

Cannes Brulees?

The area located just up river from New Orleans was once a wilderness of cane reeds, some of which were over six feet high! The French, as they were making their way down the Mississippi, observed the local tribes burning these wild reeds to flush out rabbits and other small game. Cannes Brulees (pronounced can brew-lay), 'the land of burnt cane'- referred to the area along the Mississippi River from the Tchoupitoulas Coast up to what is today the St. Charles Parish line.

It was one of the first sites in the lower Mississippi Valley to be renamed by European explorers. Settlement of this area dates back to prehistoric times, as seen in arch-eological evidence from the region. Louisiana tribes, including ancestors of the area's Bayougoula, Acolapissa and Houma Indians, were living along the banks of the Mississippi River for generations!

It is in honor and respect for those earliest inhabitants that the band has chosen the name Cannes Brulees. It both celebrates the Native Americans that once flourished in this region and reflects the rich French heritage of southeastern Louisiana and our home, the City of New Orleans!


'Cocoa' Creppel and Cannes Brulees have been together for a little over two years, but the individual members have been making music with various groups in the New Orleans area for the past two decades! 'Cocoa' and the band have been very fortunate to have appeared at several pre-eminent festivals including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Milwaukee's Indian Summer Festival and the Moundville Native American Festival in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! They have also had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such Native notables as Mary Youngblood, Keith Secola and Jim Boyd! In addition, their music has been featured on Jim DeNomie's 'Voices from the Circle' and Susanne Aikman's 'alterNative Voices' programs on AIROS (American Indian Radio on Satellite), Patrick Doyle's and Arlie Kendall's 'Hand of Grandfather' program on XM Satellite Radio!

August "Cocoa" Creppel

Gifted singer, musician and storyteller, August 'Cocoa' Creppel is a member of the United Houma Nation! Born and raised on the bayous of Louisiana just south of New Orleans, 'Cocoa's been on the New Orleans music scene for over fifteen years! Dubbed the 'Singing Councilman' by his tribe, Cocoa's been a featured vocalist with the Cajun 'Swamp Pop' group Treater, the Native funk band Kostini and Keith Secola's Wild Band of Indians! In addition, 'Cocoa' has played at numerous powwows, fairs and festivals across the country including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! After 9/11, 'Cocoa' was honored to be named one of the 'Top Firemen of Louisiana' and perform at Super Bowl XXXVI with Mark Anthony, Mary J. Blige, Winonna Judd, Patti Labelle, Paul McCartney, Barry Manilow, Yolanda Adams and the Boston Pops Orchestra!

In addition to his singing career, 'Cocoa' is an actor and professional wrestler! His most recent role was in director Glen Pitre's independent film release, "The Home Front" starring Tatum O'Neil, Julian Sands and Tim Curry. Wrestling professionally for nine years, Cocoa's alter ego, 'T-Wolf' has appeared on WCW, CWF, NWA, UCW, TCW, Mid-South Wrestling and ICW. His most notable opponents have been 'The Samoans', 'The Free Birds' and the infamous 'Junk Yard Dog'!

Gene Bates

Gene Bates is Cannes Brulees talented percussionist. Performing with the likes of Instant City, BYF and the Native American funk band, Kostini, Gene has appeared at a number of premier venues throughout the New Orleans area including Jimmy's, The Dream Palace and Tipitina's as well as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival! Gene is a frequent colaborator with Cocoa in composing the band's material.

Chris Young

Chris Young (Cherokee), was born and raised in uptown New Orleans. Playing and singing in bands since he was twelve, Chris' impressive resume includes such famous New Orleans venues as Tipitina's, Howlin' Wolf and The Dream Palace. An original member of the legendary "Instant Band" of Tulane University. Prior to joining Cannes Brulees was with a pop group comprised of Episcopal clerics!

Roland Fangue

Bassist, Roland Fangue (Houma/Choctaw), who hails from the swampland of south Louisiana, has done stints with Instant City and Too Much Coffee, and has played with notable New Orleans guitarists Rick Tobey and Stan Fyvolent. His work can also be heard on CD's by Too Much Coffee and drummer James Clark's Sleeping Giants. Roland is working on a solo project of instrumental film music due to be released in December 2008. Some of his material can be heard @ FANGUEOne.

Rick Tobey

Rick Tobey is an accomplished guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, and "Blues Man"! He has performed at numerous venues around the country as both a solo artist and with his former bands, Too Much Coffee, and the Chickenhead Blues Band. He was recently a featured performer at the Cape Fear Blues Festival in Wilmington, NC. Rick has several CD's to his credit including, 'It's Amazing', 'Luv'n the Blues' and his latest effort, 'Chickenhead Blues' on the Louisiana Red Hot Records label!

Jimmy Badinger

Cannes Brulees newest member, Jimmy Badinger, brings a powerful drumming style to the group, honed from many years of association with numerous New Orleans bands. Highly respected for his versatility and rock-solid dynamics on the skins, his style is well-suited to Cannes Brulees's material as he not only provides the foundation of their sound, but drives the songs with precision and flair.



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